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Interested in having your students participate in M3 during the upcoming NAMLE conference? Please contact Emily Bonilla or Emily Bailin for details on how to get involved. Thank you.  /

Since 1999, NAMLE has recognized the importance of having youth participate as an integral part of the NAMLE conference. NAMLE’s Modern Media Makers (M3) provides an opportunity for youth to explore fresh literacy perspectives through unique project collaborations and network events. Other conferences typically concern youth, but M3 allows young people to not only think about media literacy, but also actively participate in the conference. This unique opportunity has brought in students from all over the United States including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Newark, NJ. Over the years, young people participating in M3 have not only worked with conference attendees from the media and educational fields, but have also collaborated on projects with organizations such as Mozilla Foundation, Independent Television Service (ITVS), and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). Youth leave M3 with skills and experiences that will be invaluable to them as they continue to grow as thoughtful creators of media.

In association with this year’s conference theme of connectivity across cultures, the goal of this year’s M3 programming is to provide participants opportunities to work collaboratively with peers from around the world; explore connections and intersections between different networks, cultures, and contexts; and engage with a variety of platforms to create media texts that tell their own stories.

“The fact that I could deconstruct [a video] meant that I could take it apart and see it in the parts that it is. It makes me think about it and understand what it is, and understand what the person who made it is trying to tell me, and I can play with it and change the message even more…which really empowers me.” – Diego Share-Vargas, age 13, M3 Participant

“Attending M3 and NAMLE, I was able to meet fellow students from around the US who shared similar interests. But more importantly, this experience made me realize the communicator I can become.” Najeedah Wilson, Age 17, M3 Participant

Co-chairs for M3 2015 are Emily Bonilla and Emily Bailin.

For a copy of M3 flyer click here: M3 Flyer

For the student permission slip and waiver click here: M3 Student Permission Slip and Waiver