Youth Media

Youth Media (M3) This strand will focus on the ways in which youth media are utilized as a method of engaging young people in media literacy. In addition to this youth media-focused strand, NAMLE is continuing its conference tradition of hosting young media makers from across the country and beyond to engage in an on-the-ground production experience titled “Modern Media Makers”– or M3.

Research and Praxis

Research & Praxis This strand will focus on evidence-based research across community-based, P-12, and/or post-secondary settings. Presenters will share completed research findings and research in-progress.

Intercultural/International Dialogue

Intercultural/International Dialogue This strand will focus on research and projects with attention on the global community, social inclusion and inter-cultural dialogue. This strand is the “home” for the Global MIL conference sessions.

Explorers & Pioneers

Explorers & Pioneers This strand will focus on issues important for those new to media literacy, as well as experts in media literacy education